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Ductless Air Conditioning Systems For Fayette County Older Homes

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If your home doesn't have a central air conditioning system, you don't have air ducts either and you're ready to go with a great Ductless Air System for your heating and cooling needs!

If you're thinking about putting in an air conditioner and heater, there's going to be no better choice for you than a Ductless Air System. Older homes have closed off floor plans that make it hard for the air to circulate from room to room.

With the more closed off type of floor plan, the heating and air conditioning needs differ from many homes that were constructed in later years. With a layout where the air doesn't easily flow from room to room, it becomes even more important that the design of the air conditioning system layout takes into account the fact that rooms don't share air zones but are separated from each other.

In an older home where spaces aren't open to each other, you have differing air zones that have to be treated separately because the air doesn't flow between the rooms, sharing the newly treated air.

In most old homes, some rooms stay hot while others cool too much if you install a regular central air conditioning system. But in newer homes, the air circulates easier from room to room meaning there's less problems with proper airflow throughout the home, so the central air system works great.

Hot spots occur wherever an older home has difficulty cooling down rooms or areas of the home. In general, these hot spots can happen due to direct sunlight coming in through windows or in any home where the air can't circulate around the home properly. Misplaced thermostats also play a huge role in how well the home's temperature zones are evenly controlled.

A thermostat that's placed within a cooler area will create hotter rooms because the system shuts off before those rooms can be properly cooled. Or, one that's placed too near a warm zone means the unit will cool the rest of the house down a few more degrees than you'd desire because it's working according to the hottest part of the home.

Old Homes Climate Control Needs

Many older homes don't have central heating and air. If you own a property like this and are wanting to outfit it with air climate control systems, you'll have advantages over other homeowners that have central Air Conditioning Systems if you choose to go with the ductless Air Conditioning Systems.

By controlling the air temperature in each zone or in each room separately, new technologies have advanced far enough to bring these ductless systems onto the market as extremely desirable and affordable systems to solve indoor air climate issues for Fayetteville and surrounding area homeowners.

Mini-Ductless Air Conditioners Solve Temperature Zone Problems

For instance, the mini ductless system for your home can be installed without ductwork. Each unit will control one specific zone perfectly and doesn't depend on other areas of the home for temperature sensing.

These units can be operated by remote control as well. Advances in technologies with the ductless systems means that you'll have more than sufficient mechanical means to cool down the temperature in the zone.

Sometimes you may think you're at a disadvantage when you're really poised to have something better than everyone else. And that's how it is with older homes needing to be fitted with an air control system that saves the most in energy and space problems. You can start fresh with the right type of system for this type of home.

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