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Mini-Split Systems: Understanding the Benefits

Ductless airconditioner

Mini-splits are often also referred to as ductless because they do not require air ducts in order to operate. This system is made up of two main components: the condenser or compressor and an air-handling unit. 

It can be used for both heating and cooling and is thought to work more effectively and efficiently than a traditional HVAC system. However, before getting your system installed, there are a few other things that you should know about.

  • The enhanced efficiency is credited to the lack of air loss during the transport. In other words, traditional systems tend to lose some temperature controlled air in the duct system before delivering it to individual rooms. This is especially true if you have any existing leaks.
  • Most mini-split systems come with more options for customization. This affords you the ability to use timers or sleep functions, for example, in order to personalize how your system will work in your home. Traditional HVAC systems lack this or at least do not have as wide a range.
  • In most cases, you have more flexibility with placement options. For instance, the air-handler can be placed on the wall, hang from the ceiling or possibly be mounted in the drop ceiling.

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