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Humidifiers & DehumidifiersEvery Peachtree City home owner wants to ensure that they are breathing clean, healthy air at home, and one of the most important steps to seeing to this is by ensuring that your home has a proper balance of humidity. If your home is too humid or dry, you can face a variety of potential health issues, but a proper balance between these states can be achieved with the installation of a whole home humidifier and dehumidifier. At American Freedom Heating & Air we specialize in providing the very best humidity control options for Peachtree City residents.

The Benefit of Home Humidifiers

There are a variety of reasons that you should consider having a humidifier installed in your home, as they can help to provide for a much healthier environment than you might be enjoying otherwise. Here are some of the basic considerations that you should take into account when deciding if a humidifier is right for you.

  • Improve your health: A humidifier provides for a healthy environment that can actually help to ward off illness. These systems are exceptionally useful during the winter when the air is often dry.
  • Reduce nosebleeds: If you or a family member suffers from nosebleeds then a humidifier can help to alleviate this pain. Nosebleeds are often caused by a significantly dry climate, and a humidifier will help to combat this issue.
  • Improve Skin Quality: Dry skin is a serious issue during the winter, but a whole home humidifier will help to reduce this from being an issue by keeping your skin better hydrated.
  • Improve Recovery: If you or anyone in your home has been sick or suffers from a breathing complication such as asthma, a home humidifier can help to expedite their recovery by keeping nasal passages moist. This will help to accelerate the healing processes and is a great solution for allergy issues.

The Benefit of Home Dehumidifiers

If your home has a sticky and wet feeling inside then there is a problem with the humidity levels inside. As opposed to a humidifier which provides for balanced levels of humidity inside of your home at acceptable levels, a dehumidifier helps to reduce an overabundance of humidity that can cause health issues.

  • Eliminate dust mites: Dust mites are often a problem for those with asthma and removing these pests is a must. If you have a high humidity environment then they are allowed to thrive, and a dehumidifier will help to eliminate an excess of these disturbing pests.
  • Prevent Mold and Mildew: Mold and mildew both thrive in high humidity environments and this is one of the major reasons that you should consider installing a dehumidifier. If you’ve noticed sore throats, coughing, or other breathing issues inside of your home as of late, it could be a result of poor air quality caused by these concerns.
  • Protect your Investment: Humidity can cause damage to all kinds of things in your home, such as books, clothing, and even your home itself. A dehumidifier will help to keep moisture at acceptable levels so this will not be a problem.
  • A healthy home: Excessive moisture can cause a problem in your home as far as health concerns, ad dehumidifier will help to reduce this, allowing for better breathing conditions.

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